Permanent Cosmetics

  • All of the Permanent Cosmetics include a 1 time follow-up application within 30-45 days following the initial application.
  • All accessory equipment for Permanent Cosmetic machines are disposable.
  • Camouflage and Corrective are available by consultation.
  • If initial application has been applied by an external person other than Rosy, then the follow-up application will be considered an initial application and applicable fees will be applied.
  • All permanent cosmetic makeup colors fade over a period of time. (2-5 years average)
  • Medical grade numbing
  • All colors are customized for each client. The lighter the color the faster it will fade.The absorption of the pigment by the skin and the fading of permanent pigmentation vary with each individual and are predicated by several factors:SWELLING DURING APPLICATIONS OILINESS & THICKNESS OF SKIN MEDICATION TAKEN BY THE CLIENT/PATIENT CHEMICAL PEELS, CHEMO & RADIATION BLEEDING CHLORINE & SUN EXPOSURE.  


BROWS MICROBLADING -  Also known as mircostroking, is an advanced brow embroidery technique whereby a super fine row of needles is used to create thin, hair like marks on the skin, which last upto 12 - 18 months. 

AREOLA RE-PIGMENT - Post surgical areola re-pigment and repair are offered with our micro pigmentation services. Customized pigment and sizing to replace surgically removed or scarred areola and nipple look can give you back a realistic looking full breast.

 PERMANENT SCAR CAMOUFLAGE - Cover post cosmetic or other scars with micro pigmentation. Skin type matching for every skin type can cover any scar placement including hair lines, and bald spots.

EYEBROWS - Eyebrow design can dramatically change the look of the entire face. Utilizing permanent makeup for a perfect eyebrow can create a more youthful look and enhances facial beauty.


- Soft smudge full creation

Soft smudge with brow

- Feathering with brow

- Beauty mark

- Eyebrow revision and correction

- Eyebrow touch-up

EYELINER - Eyeliner  technique are used to take the place of traditional daily make up application but can also be used for a variety of eye enhancing effects. From super natural to glamorous dramatic; any look can be done with permanent make up.

 LIP LINER AND ENHANCEMENT - Full colored lips are youthful and sexy. Permanent make up enhances your natural lip size and fullness with permanent make up. 

Line lips

- Fill with soft or dramatic colors

- Correct shaping

- Enhance and fill volume for a pouty look


- Liner only

- Liner and soft fill

- Lip revision and correction