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Permanent cosmetics are a type of cosmetic tattooing (also known as micropigmentation or semi-permanent cosmetics). The most common treatments are available for eyes, brows, lips. Permanent Makeup can enhance your brows, eyes, and lips with results that last, saving time on your daily beauty routine Permanent cosmetics involves the application of pigment into the skin. A professional artist should use specialist equipment and techniques to ensure that the experience is quieter, gentler and less invasive. Although the treatments use needles, these needles are smaller and do not penetrate the skin as deep as traditional tattooing.
Although permanent cosmetics is a form of tattooing, the pain factor is considered to be less pronounced as these treatments are gentler and less invasive.
Yes, they do. Oily skin types must exfoliate well before an appointment. For best results please do this for up to 7 days prior. Oily skin types will soften the pigment in the skin more so than dryer skin types. Oily skin may require more frequent color boosts as they are likely to fade quicker. Hair strokes will hold much better and crisper in dry skin and are less likely to fade as quickly as someone with oily skin.
Strictly no caffeine/ alcohol/ aspirins or any other form of pain killers 48 hours before your appointment. Please also inform us if you are taking any supplements, as these will affect how your treatment will heal.
Yes, a follow-up appointment is included up to 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment. Not everyone needs a follow-up.
Please inform us if you are taking any medication, or have suffered from any illness or virus within the last 6 months. You cannot receive permanent cosmetics if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please let us know if you have or are on any medication/ creams to treat acne in the last 6 months.