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About Me

About Me

Hello friends! Thank you for stopping by today, and welcome to my skincare studio!

I started my "love affair" during my career as a make-up artist while finishing my engineering when I always see different faces and think while doing makeup that what if I enhance only one thing in their face which can frame their face and that was “Eyebrows”.

Becoming a make-up artist was always my dream, and when I did that dream I found eyebrows so fascinating, I fell in love.”

Thanks to my inborn skill of precision and drive for enhancing one’s appearance, I found my dreams fulfilled with permanent makeup. It gave me the impetus to try out every new style, every new way to shape eyebrows how they should be.
Through this way I wanted to make the eyes of every woman shine.

I especially concentrate on the fine and delicate facial features and personal beauty.

A thorough evaluation of the client during the initial consultation lets me identify their expectations no matter which treatment they wish to take.

I approach every client and each procedure with empathy, sensitivity, and professionalism. I value quality over quantity, that is why I devote to my client as much time as they need. I never tire of seeing my clients’ faces light up when they see the amazing results of the procedure they had in my studio.

The results of my work reflect my true artistic talent and my vision of revealing hidden beauty and exposing it with the right makeup procedure or camouflage.

By balancing Western and Indian philosophies of art, beauty, and harmony, I have created a personal and refreshing style that has earned me many loyal clients from literally around the world. By combining just the right amounts of subtlety, symmetry, glamour, and refinement, I have dedicated myself to finding the perfect balance for each and every one of my clients.
Providing all these services at Rosy Permanent Cosmetic & Skin Care, an atmosphere of Beauty, Serenity and Friendship. Replete with luxurious touches, I welcome you…..Rosy.