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Specializes in a art of Eyebrow Shaping, I take a great pride in myself for being able to shape eyebrows to the perfection. I will carefully study your bone structure and facial shape when designing the perfect brows for your face. I have had extensive training in eyebrow design, paying great attention to detail, I will always provide you with a classic & clean shape that frames your pretty face.

Threading has several advantages over other hair removal methods. It is a convenient method for removing hair from areas like the eyebrows and face and its effect lasts from two to four weeks. One of the best features of threading is that it is suitable for even skin that is too sensitive for laser hair removal, retinol, chemical peel or waxing. And as no chemicals are involved there is no risk of a reaction setting in.



Service Threading
Eyebrows $15
Upper lip $8
Chin $10
Forehead $10
Sideburn $15 & up
Full Face $42
Full Face with neck $47


Full Face with combination of threading & waxing $50