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Lips have always been an important feature in beauty; smooth, full lips are attractive, sensual and suggest youthfulness. However not everyone is born blessed with perfectly shaped full lips in fact the majority of us aren’t! As we age the lips thin and fade and can develop fine lines and wrinkles around them.

Have you also ever been plagued with lipstick bleed a horrible condition where lipstick literally bleeds into those fine lines around the mouth?

With Permanent Make-Up I have a number of different enhancements you can choose from to improve the shape and fullness of your mouth:

  • Lip liners either subtle or strong the choice is yours
  • Lip Blush, A correction of the shape and addition of fullness to the mouth which is then blended seamlessly into the natural vermillion border and is perfect for those who want a natural look with added volume and or shape correction. A lick of gloss and you are good to go anywhere.
  • Full Lip colour, Again includes shape correction and added fullness if desired but then your colour of choice is applied to the whole lip area. This can be either a tint for a natural flush or a more vibrant colour. Of course different lipstick colour can be used on top of the chosen colour when desired but you will always look like you have a colour on your lips….
  • Who Benefits…
    • Women or Men who want to restore youthful definition to a fading lip
    • Women or Men who want to correct asymmetrical or thinning lips
    • Women or Men who require colour to balance the lips and lift the complexion.
    • Women who need to minimise lipstick bleed with the re-contouring the vermillion border.

Natural Lip Contour Definer

Subtly re-define the contour of your lips – and even correct slight irregularities.

Natural Contour Definer With Lip Blush Shading Effect

Discreet contouring that defines your lips, with blush shading distributed partially through the lip to give the illusion of volume and a colour that’s in harmony with your natural colourings.

Natural Lip Contour Definer and Full Lip Tint

Saturates the lips with colour – in a natural or super-intense shade. Subtly defines your lip contour and infuses colour completely throughout your lips.